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An understanding, that something may be done better, or a much needed change. Maraquia was created thanks to these two factors. In the world, where half of the land will be drowned in 30 years, and clean water and food are turning into a scarce resource, something has to be changed. And in this age of technology, the changes have to be technological.  A year ago, we - a team of designers, technologists, researchers and entrepreneurs, came up with the idea of creating a united platform for ecological projects all over the world. We strongly believe and are confident, that thousands of the companies, large and small ones, all over the world, will be restoring forests in their regions, improving the lives of their customers, and protecting the Planet for future generations. The process is as easy as 3 clicks, and we provide high quality and transparency.

A year after its start, this project became of interest for the Silicon Valley investors; a team of founders met Johh Doerr and VP Al Gore for the platform presentation. After that, the platform development started moving at a great speed. Co-founder and team member of Maraquia - Aleksander Kiselev - was included at Al Gore's Climate Reality project that took place in Istanbul, Turkey.


What is Maraquia today?

Maraquia is a constantly growing number of Foresters from Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the USA, and Guyana and a constantly growing number of partners from the USA, Russia, and Europe.

We set a goal for ourselves to plant 20 000 000 000 trees in 5 years. Together we will restore forests across the globe and make sustainability as easy and common practice as searching on Google.


NO. Maraquia.com is a new concept. Our platform allows to attract funds from Businesses internationally for the purpose of forest restoration worldwide. We are not a foundation and we do not mean to compete with them. We are a for profit company helping businesses be more environmentally sustainable within their Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. And we love restoring forests ☺


For foundations representing Parks and Forests on local territories and wishing to cooperate with us, it will be required to get local Forests' and Parks' to register their forest restoration projects on our platform. Maraquia will continue to act as a funds attracting operator and foundations will continue to act as funds receiving operator on behalf of the Forests and Parks it represents.


On February 12, 2013. We are a Silicon Valley startup aiming to make our planet a better place. We are an international team of talented engineers, sustainability managers and just believers that technology can create a state of abundance and unseen prosperity for the entire world.


Our Platform is a combination of search algorithms that collects information on all corporate forest planting to popularize forest restoration among a wide spectrum of companies and help Forests and Parks spend less time attracting funding and spend more on the actual reforestation.


Funding receivers - (we use the term "Foresters") can be State/National Parks or State/National Forests, private landowners, foundations, or other parties working with the site directly, and competent enough to provide professional tree planting services, including post-planting care. It is essential that a Forester can ensure that forest plantings financed by globally renowned companies will not be cut down for a long period of time. In other words, excluding circumstances of force majeure, Foresters have to make sure that plantings will turn into forests or parks.


We partner only with good-willed companies with proven reputation and tremendous commitment to the improvement of local communities and the world at large. Companies decide on which projects they would like to sponsor and where. Foresters make the final decision on whether to accept the funding from specific Company or decline it.


Everything works via Maraquia.com platform. Once forester signs up and fills in all necessary fields for the Park/Forest/Organisation he/she has the right to represent; the entity becomes eligible for registering on the platform the sites requiring forest restoration and specifying necessary funding required to accomplish the restoration project. To receive funding, Forester must provide billing details of any organisation that is entitled to receive funding ontheir behalf. Maraquia company will be transferring all the funds through the Platform for each stage as needed. Since the Sponsor Companies are interested in not only planting the forest, but also keeping it alive, Foresters will be provided with necessary financing to carry out a 5 - year post-planting care.


Everything operates automatically and easy. No worries. Forester reports about work completed by adding photos and posts to timeline. And also by uploading necessary documentation to their online profile.


Individual planting sites have to be mapped. Sponsor Companies that we work with are expecting complete transparency with the projects they sponsor. They may choose visiting the sites themselves, invite their employees and partners, share information with others. It not only creates a level of closeness between the sponsor and the forester, but also increases the chances for forester to attract more reforestation funds from the same company in upcoming years.


Maraquia Company will be controlling and supervising the projects. Foresters organize the forest restoration projects.


Foresters organize seedlings’ transferring and planting. Funding is provided by sponsor companies.


Post planting care plan is decided by foresters. Every State and site requires its own plan depending on the type of soil, trees, climate zone, etc. The purpose of post planting care is to make sure that the seedlings will turn into forest. The details may be filled in under the «Sites» tab on our platform once the organization is registered.


We authorize usage of the materials on the principles of Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 


Register and fill in all fields. Once we confirm information about you and the Сompany/Forest/Park you represent, your account tools will become active and you will be able to use the platform. It is essential that you register with corporate email address to confirm your affiliation to the organisation.


We receive lots of requests daily from both companies willing to support forest restoration worldwide and Foresters requiring corporate financing to restore forests on their lands. Despite this, our account managers team do really fantastic job to keep confirmation process no longer than 3 days after you complete all required fields in your profile. If you fail to complete all the fields, the confirmation process will be postponed until completion.


Our platform quickly attracted interest by worlds' top-rated territories and professional Foresters such as National Parks and Forests already involved in forest restoration. These places are specially protected natural areas, reserves, savannahs serving as habitat for endangered species and unique biodiversity. Therefore we want to make sure that these lands are restored with financial help of only good - willed companies with proven reputation and tremendous commitment to the improvement of local communities and the world at large.


First and foremost, we are building a cutting - edge technology service that collects from open sources on the web and organizes in one place global corporate tree planting information to make it publicly available and to encourage forest restoration worldwide. We are thrilled to provide people with information about what is the most green company in terms of tree planting in the world and in specific region.


Maraquia was established on February 12, 2013. We are an international team of talented engineers, sustainability managers and just believers in that technology can create a state of abundance and unseen prosperity for entire world.


We authorize usage of the materials on the principles of Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

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Summary of Service

Maraquia is a platform where certain type of users identified as "Foresters" can register under the "Site" term completely for free information regarding: locations and estimated time for tree planting, reasonable prices for tree planting and post planting care services; to fundraise necessary money from individuals as well as corporate Backers. Immediately after registering a Site, its information becomes publicly available to registered as well as unregistered users, and constitutes an act of Voluntary Disclosure.

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Sites: Fundraising

Maraquia is a platform where certain type of users identified as "Foresters" can register under the "Site" term completely for free: locations for tree planting, reasonable prices for tree planting and post planting care services; to fundraise necessary money from individuals as well as corporate Backers. By registering a Site on Maraquia, you as are offering the public the opportunity to enter into a contract with you. By backing a Site on Maraquia, you as the Backer accept that offer and the contract between Backer and Forester is formed. Maraquia is not a party to that agreement between the Backer and Forester. All dealings are solely between Users.

By backing or registering a Site on Maraquia, you agree to be bound by this entire Agreement, including the following terms:

  • Backers agree to provide their payment information at the time they pledge to Site. The amount Backers pledge is the amount they will be charged.
  • Backers consent to Maraquia and its payments partners authorizing or reserving a charge on their payment card or other payment method.
  • The Estimated Date of Planting is not a promise to fulfill by that date, but is merely an estimate of when the Forester hopes to fulfill by.
  • Foresters agree to make a good faith attempt to fulfill each planting by its Estimated Date of Planting.
  • Maraquia does not offer refunds. A Forester is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Forester is unable or unwilling to fulfill the planting.
  • Maraquia and its payments partners will remove their fees before transmitting proceeds. Fees may vary depending on region and other factors.
  • Maraquia reserves the right to cancel a pledge at any time and for any reason.
  • Maraquia reserves the right to reject, cancel, interrupt, remove, or suspend a Site at any time and for any reason. Maraquia is not liable for any damages as a result of any of those actions. Maraquia’s policy is not to comment on the reasons for any of those actions.
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