National Park "Meshera"
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Total 170 lots planted

  • Yana Cher
  • Татьяна Чернышева
  • Юлия Дворникова
  • Diana Ailarova
  • Дмитрий Губанов
  • Vova Skabölkin
  • Екатерина Смирнова
  • Анастасия Ермолова
  • Irina Kiorsak
  • Юлианна Казакова
  • Арина Авельцева
  • Anastasia Bitsina
  • Анна Укропова
  • Natalia Kozlova
  • Даша Чистякова
  • Екатерина Глыздова
  • Dar Ina
  • Vasilisa Crăciun
  • Liana Vardanyan
  • Anna Kazantseva
  • Tanya Rodina
  • Кристина Белёвцева
  • Саша Грек
  • Анечка Глебова
  • Оксана Сибирко
  • Maria Locura
  • Лена Махотина
  • Надежда Дудина
  • Юлия Латманизова
  • Настя Чайкина
  • Eleonora Kotenko
  • Анна Шахова
  • Наташа Усачёва
  • Марина Кособлик
  • Дарья Кривозубова
  • Станислав Давыдов
  • Мария Вахтеева
  • Ирина Бутенко Карпова
  • Дашенька Клочкова
  • Алина Гуртовая
  • Александра Кулишевская
  • Екатерина Ковалёва
  • Валерия Шевченко
  • Наталья Беловолова
  • Дарья Горовая
  • Надежда Мозговая
  • Елена Полипропилена
  • Даша Крылова
  • Валентина Конюкова
  • Elena Egorova
  • Екатерина Зенина
  • Nadya Semenova
  • Светлана Князева
  • Masha Petrovskaya
  • Елена Раздевилова
  • Katerina Pankova
  • Мария Чершинцева
  • nat
  • Katrin Stepnova
  • Вадим Лапехин
  • Данька Власова
  • Yulia Sivokhina
  • Сергей С
  • Natalia Ivkina
  • Валентина Блинова
  • Карина Мемедляева
  • Мария Глухова
  • Galina Blazhnova
  • Irina Khlopunova
  • Иван Жужук
  • Иван Вьюхин
  • Валентина Ерохина
  • Ксения Милевская
  • Ирина Еремичева
  • Алёна Родина
  • Катерина Максимова
  • Ольга Иванова
  • Танюша Ищенко
  • Дарья Еганова
  • Марина Мурнаева
  • Настя Ромашкина
  • Mary Pavlova
  • Nina Kaletina
  • Ольга Гоцецура
  • Niky Macaleen
  • Олеся Тимофеева
  • Татьяна Олейникова
  • Регина Насырова
  • Виктория Истратова

Tree-planting services carrying the RealForestTM badge mean that:

  • all information provided about project was put in by professional local forester in whose direct responsibility lies the particular area’s sites.
  • it is based on the real data, obtained during site trailing
  • tree planting is executed by professional local forester at a time determined as appropriate for it
  • orders include forester’s expenses for: site preparation as moving dead forest, clearing, soil preparation; purchasing liners from a local nursery, paying fair labor costs for planting, post-planting care up to 5 years
  • it is real complete restoration of forests

 RealForestTM  helps global businesses efficiently allocate their resources, while at the same time, protect our environment, strengthen local economies and communities.

Why do I see standing forest?

When we started to design our service, we put an ambitious goal to literally "show" where you will plant your forest. We strongly believe that you have to restore only and only places where forest was damaged, not to sponsor someone's else packets. So why you still see forest on your screen?

Generally, there are two reasons for this:

  • We currently use Google maps. Depending on the date when satellite picture was captured, it may or may not reflect the real state of the territory. For example,imagery was captured in 2011, and wildfire causing death of forest occurred later in 2012.
  • It is dead wood on the picture , not alive forest. These are dead trees, usually suffered from bark beetle, which were not removed yet. And yet represent a high risk for future wildfires for the territory.

To make you feel the level of disaster we started to purchase newer satellite imageries for some territories and place them as layer above Google maps. Particularly, this is why on some of the sites you may see short-lived blinking from forested territory to the deforested one.

Bright future

Hopefully, now there start to emerge bootstrapped and VC backed strong mapping and satellite imagery startups aiming to bring realtime satellite imagery to the consumer space. Among whom are the MapBox and SkyBox. We will deploy their space powers to bring you the joy of watching your forests growing.


Justin Miller from MapBox at our Moscow facilities.
Justin Miller from MapBox at our Moscow facilities.

Dear friends, when we started our service, we set ourselves an ambitious task - to show the place where you can plant your forest. In achieving that goal, the Treeography has at its disposal an array of tools, including promotion of public control over the forester and the territory and cooperation with responsible, professional and diligent foresters.

If you notice any violation of foresters' practice, the deterioration of the site or condition of seedlings, please inform us. Your report will be considered in high regard and all the necessary measures will be taken.

How price is calculated?

PB = [PF x [1+ (FS /100)] x [1+ (FB /100)] х [1+ (FM /100)]] + FI

PB – Price seen by backer.
PF – Price per liner indicated by Forester.
Depending on stage of the forest restoration project this price encompasses in: cost of soil preparation, cost of liners, fair labor cost for planting and cost for 5 year-post planting care services.
FS – 2.9% fees charged by Stripe payments.
FB – 0.7% banking fees.
FM – 5% fee charged by Maraquia to be able to continue its operations.
FI  – n$ fee charged for the improvement of site's satellite imagery



PF = 2$
PB = (2$ x 1.029 x 1.007 x 1,05) + 0 = 2.18$

National Park "Meshera"

Уршельское лесничество Russia, Urshel'skiy · N55° 41' 17" E40° 14' 59"

National Park "Meshera"

Russia, Urshel'skiy · N55° 41' 17" E40° 14' 59"

42% Текущий
Идёт сбор средств
Scots Pine 100%
дата посадки
April ‘15

полезен лес
Место обитания редкого вида
3,980 pcs
поглощено CO2
442 тонны
полезен лес
Место обитания редкого вида
3,980 pcs
поглощено CO2
442 тонны
Восстановление водных ресурсов
Защита берегов
Место обитания редкого вида
Помощь местному населению

Viktor Gluxovskij Deputy Director for Forestry National Park "Meshera"

Just recently conducted a site inspection. After winter, the seedlings feel great, there is a good increase in the apical bud. Held last year, the clarification gives a positive result.
Совсем недавно провели осмотр участка. После зимы сеянцы чувствуют себя замечательно, наблюдается хороший прирост верхушечной почки. Проведенное в прошлом году осветление дает положительный результат.
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  • IMG_4728.JPG
  • IMG_4729.JPG
  • IMG_4730.JPG
  • IMG_4731.JPG

Viktor Gluxovskij Deputy Director for Forestry National Park "Meshera"

Dear friends! In the summer-autumn period, the staff of the national park conducted a clarification of cultures, where it is most needed. And just recently, an inventory of forest crops was carried out. Survival rate at the site was 86%. During the inspection of the site, measures were planned for the next year, which we will be happy to tell you about.
Дорогие друзья! В лето-осенний период, сотрудники национального парка провели осветление культур, там где это наиболее необходимо. А совсем недавно, была проведена инвентаризация лесных культур. Приживаемость на участке составила 86% При осмотре участка были намечены мероприятия на будущий год, о которых мы с удовольствием вам расскажем.
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  • IMG_6802.JPG
  • IMG_6803.JPG

Viktor Gluxovskij Deputy Director for Forestry National Park "Meshera"

Dear friends! Seedlings on the site feel great. In some of them, the increase from the beginning of the year is 15–20 cm. A procedure for lightening forest cultures is planned for the field season of 2018. As is known, pine is a light-loving breed, therefore, weed plants that shade young pines will be removed with the help of brush cutters.
Дорогие друзья! Сеянцы на участке чувствуют себя отлично. У некоторых из них, прирост с начала года составляет 15-20 см. На полевой сезон 2018 года намечено проведение процедуры осветления лесных культур. Как известно, сосна - светолюбивая порода, поэтому, при помощи кусторезов будут удаляться сорные растения, затеняющие молодые сосны.
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  • IMG_5414.JPG
  • IMG_5416.JPG
  • IMG_5418.JPG
  • IMG_5421.JPG

Viktor Gluxovskij Deputy Director for Forestry National Park "Meshera"

Dear friends, according to the results of the autumn inventory, the survival rate in this area is 93%. After passing through the winter, the seedlings feel very good, the apical buds start to grow. Our young assistants recently conducted agrotechnical care. The guys manually, hoes cleared seedlings from weeds. Thanks to all who participated.
Дорогие друзья, по результатам осенней инвентаризации, приживаемость на данном участке составляет 93%. После прохождения зимы, сеянцы чувствуют себя очень хорошо, верхушечная почка тронулась в рост. Наши юные помощники совсем недавно провели агротехнический уход. Ребята вручную, мотыгами расчищали сеянцы от сорной растительности. Благодарим всех, кто принимал участие.
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  • IMG_0985.JPG
  • IMG_0989.JPG

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Russia, Urshel'skiy

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